TFAM in Asia

TFAM in Asia works to promote programs and initiatives that address the social and moral inclusion of LGBTQ Christians throughout Asia. Under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Boon Ngeo, TfAM Global has provided more than 200 presentations in more than 40 cities and garnered major news coverage in many languages to reach millions of people in Asia in support of LGBTQI people and religion.

TFAM in Mexico

TFAM’s first international ministry was founded in Tijuana, Mexico, where faithful TFAM clergy provide “a house of worship” within the Las Memorias HIV/AIDS treatment center. Our leaders present a Gospel witness of inclusion and justice for patients which both comforts and empowers these brave souls with.

TFAM in the United Kingdom

TFAM in the United Kingdom is composed of two ministries:

The Regeneration Project:

The House of Rainbow: